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Orlando Hoyos was born and raised in Yanamono, Peru, aOrlando  and the morning's catch small ‘ribereņo’ village on the banks of the Amazon River. He was the third of thirteen children of Antonio and Ildaura Hoyos. His father was a part-time river trader and a trapper who often went deep into the Amazon jungle to hunt animals. Orlando began to accompany his father on these trips when he was only six years old and learned the ways of the jungle from him. His knowledge of the plants and animals of the ‘selva’ comes from these early years.

When Orlando was a teenager, he moved to Iquitos, a now-bustling city, fifty miles upriver from his small village, and began working for a tourist company at a jungle camp. Starting as a housekeeper and a waiter, he next became a barman. Most of the tourists at the time were from the United States, and many of them attempted to converse with him. He became frustrated with his inability to communicate with his customers, so he became determined to learn English. On his day off he went into Iquitos and saw a book in a ‘libreria’, titled Aprenda Ingles En Quince Dias (Learn English in Fifteen Days). He knew this was the book for him! Well, many frustrated weeks later he realized that learning English wouldn't be quite that easy. Fortunately, the tourists were always helpful, and he eventually learned English from talking and practicing with them.

With the ability to speak English, Orlando became one of the most waterlilyknowledgeable guides in the Peruvian Amazon. He drew on his father's early teachings and began to show others the rainforest. He often guided biologists, ornithologists, and other scientists from various universities in the United States; and from them he learned the English and Latin names of the plants, birds, and fish which he already knew in Spanish. In 1985, Orlando married an American teacher, Nancy, and moved with her to the U.S. They live and work in Boston, but are fortunate to spend eight weeks every summer back in the Amazon rainforest.

The Crew: A Family Affair

Nancy Hoyos
Orlando's wife, Nancy, fell in love with the Amazon jungle on her first trip there in 1984. After more than 20 years of exploring many of the tributaries, and reading as much as possible about the rainforest, she shares her passion for this endangered area.


Capt BekerBeker Hoyos
Beker is one of B/F Jacamar’s boat driver, as well as Orlando’s younger brother. He lives with his family in the small ‘caserio’of Santa Isabel, down river from Iquitos. He brings a solid knowledge of the jungle's medicinal plants and the uncanny ability to find wildlife.

Chef EstherEsther Hoyos
Esther is our cook and Orlando’s oldest sister. She is able to create fabulous and varied meals for us on the expeditions. We promise that you'll leave asking for her recipes!

Alonias & TeresaAlonias and Teresa Gutierrez
Alonias and Teresa are Orlando's sister and brother-in-law. They and their four children live on the protected land at Amazon Kingfisher Lodge in Yanamono. You will be spending time living with this local family and sharing their daily lives which will make your trip an unforgettable experience into another culture and another way of life.

The crew also includes one or two more local people who assist in the service and comfort of our guests.


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