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Expedition Yanamono -
7 Days and 6 Nights

With over 50 acres of rainforest to explore around our base camp, we will take several nature hikes. Much of this protected land is virgin rainforest and we will see giant lopuna trees over 200 feet tall and 20 feet in diameter! Most trees are covered with liana vines or strangler fig vines, and many are loaded with bromeliads, epiphytes, and orchids.

Your first night spent in the rainforest will be unforgettable. The forest comes alive at night, and you will hear very different nocturnal sounds of the Amazon. When you look up into the velvety blackness of the sky, you'll feel that you can almost reach out and touch the millions of stars that are visible.

Our days will be spent doing the following activities:

• Early morning excursions to look for birds, squirrel monkeys, marmosets, and three-toed sloths.

• Visit a local village to stroll around, see how local people typically live, and visit the village school.

• Canoe for about 2 hours down the Amazon River to the village of Francisco de Orellana where we will stop and walk around. The village is located at the junction of the Amazon with the Rio Napo and is named after the Spanish conquistador who made the first descent of the Amazon. It was on this trip that he was attacked by a tribe of fierce, long-haired warriors whom Orellana mistook for women. He recalled the Greek myth of the women warriors and named the entire river 'Amazon' after them.

• Boat trip to the Rio Maniti where we will stop to see both gray and pink 'boto' river dolphins. We will go fishing for piranha and other delicious fresh water fish which will be served for dinner.

• Night excursions (either by boat or hiking) to search for nocturnal animals, night birds, amphibians, and the Amazon caiman.

• Camp in the jungle overnight for 2 nights. We will take tents and explore 'terra firma' land which does not flood during the Amazon rainy season.

• If time allows, either the first day or the last day of your trip will be spent visiting the city of Iquitos. We will take three wheeled 'motorcars' to visit the Plaza de Armas and the Iron House built by Eiffel (who constructed the Eiffel Tower in Paris), visit the floating area of Belen, and perhaps visit the zoological park at Quistococha.


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gigantic lupuna tree
squirrel monkey
strolling in a jungle village
school children
string of piranha
family on canoe

chief &  his canoe

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