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Amazon Kingfisher Lodge -
4 Days and 3 Nights

Day 1 - Our guide will meet you at the airport or your hotel and take you to the port to board the B/F Jacamar. Your first boat ride will be to view the market port area of Belen. Most houses here are built on rafts and float during part of the year when the water level is high. Continue down the Amazon to the lodge. Settle into your room and after lunch you will take a jungle hike on our protected land. You will see some of the enormous variety of plant, insect, bird, and animal species which inhabit the rainforest.

Days 2 - Optional - Start the day with an early morning (6:00 AM) bird watching trip - either hiking or by canoe.
After breakfast you will visit the small, river-side village of Nuevo Sinai. A walk through the villages will show you how people typically live. We will stop and visit with families and go into their homes.
In the afternoon we will take a boat ride to the Rio Maniti and fish. (You will get to sample your catch at dinner this evening!) We will be on the lookout for pink dolphins which also like to fish in this area.

Day 3 - This morning will feature a canoe trip on our pond and down a jungle stream. We will be looking for marmoset monkeys and birds.
After lunch, we will hike again and visit a local sugar cane mill and, if possible, visit a neighboring Yagua Indian village.
After dinner this evening, you will go for a nocturnal walk.

Day 4 - You will visit the village of Yanamono where you will get the chance to visit the elementary school. Children love to have visitors and sometimes have a song to sing or simply show what they have been learning. After lunch we board the Jacamar for the trip back to Iquitos.

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Pictures of Amazon Kingfisher Lodge

Rio Momon
Jabiru Stock
Mother and daughter
Squirrel monkey
Yagua Indian and blowgun

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