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Dear Orlando and Nancy,
I just wanted to thank you both for the wonderful trip up and down the Amazon. Our experience with you all was one we could not have had with anybody else. Being able to stay in the villages and befriend the people was marvelous. Meeting your family, Orlando, was wonderful - such beautiful people - all of them.

Every single day of our trip on the Nancita was perfect. The food was great - the fact that 2 American teen-aged girls cleaned their plates daily is testament to that. The activities were perfect - we were all kept busy, but not to the point of exhaustion, and we were never bored. Each day was interesting, mind-expanding, and filled with activities never before experienced. Each day was wonderful - as in “full of wonder”.

Orlando, your knowledge about everything is so impressive and your compassion for the people and the animals of the Amazon is inspiring. I will recommend a trip on board the Nancita to anyone who is even contemplating a trip to the Peruvian Amazon. I hope to visit again soon, and I will most definitely hook-up with you. I am sincerely,

Your friend,
Kathi McCord

The following is an excerpt from a journal of a traveler after her second expedition with Orlando.

My overall impressions:
It was interesting going on this similar trip again, compared with my first trip in 1985. Many things were similar and I felt very comfortable being on the river and in the villages. There were, of course, differences - we went down river this time, to different tributaries and different villages, and saw different plants and animals, but the people were still as friendly and open as previously.

It was good seeing Orlando’s father, Antonio, again, and our boat crew was really fantastic. Esther was a wonderful cook, especially considering the tiny cubicle and facilities she had. I doubt if any of us could have done as well with 10 times the space and utensils. The crew was kind, funny, patient, outgoing, and all the other attributes that make for a great trip. Orlando, with Nancy this time, provided a great opportunity to see the Amazon and its life. He’s a wonderful guide and great tour operator, as well as friend, accommodating all of us and our quirks and wishes. The time passed very quickly. It seemed that at one moment we were on our way to Antonio’s and then we were back there and preparing to go home.

The trip itself is not especially strenuous, and it is a wonderful introduction to Amazon life and wildlife, combined with being a lot of fun. Peru is a very interesting and friendly country, and I would recommend it to anyone who enjoys traveling.

~ Deedee Kathman


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