Amazon Kingfisher Lodge

Summer, 2010

These pictures were taken at the Amazon Kingfisher Lodge. To view a larger version or a slideshow, click on any image.

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Buffet style meals

Dining room & lounge

Inside view of room

Inside of room

Swimming in the Amazon River

Playing beach volleyball

Playing beach soccer

Playing soccer with village kids

Visiting Nuevo San Juan village

Relaxing & playing cards

Relaxing in hammocks

After dinner game nights

Shopping for native arts & crafts

Dance Night

Yagua high school students visit the lodge

Joining in the Monkey Dance

Trading for crafts

Joining in a tribal dance

Sharing the tribe's facial paint

Yagua Indian chief with his blowgun

Hiking to visit a native Yagua Indian tribe

Hammock house

Rescuing a 3-toed sloth

Finding a new friend - a 3-toed sloth

A rainbow boa

Touching a boa constrictor

Orlando and a piranha close-up

Inspecting the catch and tonight's dinner

Canoeing and fishing for piranha


Enjoying a picnic lunch

Meeting the village kids

Covered walkway to rooms and hammock house

An excursion to a local village

Viewing a caterpillar loaded tree

Swinging on a jungle vine

Watch the trail!

Crossing a stream

Exploring the rain forest

Tn Tech students and Orlando with his machete

TN Tech students ready for a jungle hike

Amazon River family in a pequi-pequi boat

Spotting Amazon River pink dolphins

View of dining room & lounge

The beautiful Amazon River

Enjoying the ride

Amazon Kingfisher I

Lodge boats

Meeting guests at Iquitos airport

Hoyos family & staff at Amazon Kingfisher Lodge

Fishing pond behind the lodge

Group dinner time

Dinner time

Delicious Peruvian meals

Amazon Kingfisher Lodge
Photos  |  Photos of Iquitos  |  Amazon Life  |  Photos of People |  Wildlife   | Amazon Kingfisher Lodge | Summer 2010